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San Diego nExT: Part 3 of 5- The Solution

We need to be bold and make the unimaginable a reality. The scope will focus on what could happen in the next 20 years and making it happen in the next 5. The concepts need to be audacious and story worthy. How can our community work together to become San Diego Next?

We have all the elements required to create the next great age.
Platform, Sensors, Data collection, Information generation, Knowledge creation, Wisdom

These concepts apply to everything from Medical Devices, Robotics, Nanotech, Internet of Everything, Genomics, Cyber Security and everything Big Data. San Diego has an amazing set of existing infrastructure to utilize as a launch platform for what’s to come. However, we must do a better job of working together to accelerate the growth. If the current course continues of each industry remaining siloed, growth will be slowed due to redundant resources use to discover the same results. Many of the greatest innovations come from applying the technology from one industry to another.

This is all maximized through a dense growing population. Each time a community doubles it’s population the total productivity increased by 15%. This is for both input and output, efficiency and performance. We work better together.

These are easy concepts to understand but very difficult to execute. We can increase our opportunity for success by applying proven models in innovative ways. The end result will be uniquely San Diego and take us to what’s next.