My Journey in Radical Transparency

What are you the best at that you enjoy doing the most?


Why Not?

Transparency has been a key term being discussed in many of my conversations. I know it’s important when running a business. How then should it apply to me personally? I began by wondering what I would need to filter. I couldn’t talk about all the discussions that I’m having about new opportunities… could I? On the other hand if transparency is the goal then why filter at all? Ultimately it all comes down to one simple question: Why Not?

Unless the answer was going to create a significant moral dilemma, cause harm to myself or others, or be illegal then why not go ahead and do it. I was able to live like this for a couple of years. It allowed me to make changes and have experiences that I never would have even considered before. In recent years I’ve gone back to filtering life with a stricter set of criteria. I’m no longer as open to gaining new experiences. This needs to change.

I’m going to commit to blogging once again and working through my decision making process in the open. Right now the most pressing issue is what’s next? I don’t have a specific project that I’m working on right now. There are many great conversation happening about what could be next but, there’s still much work to be done before I can decide.

I’m talking to a half-dozen people about new opportunities. They have not signed on for this journey yet. I’m going to send them each a note to see if they are OK bringing our conversation into the open. I’ll let you know how it goes.